5 Golden Rules for Writing Perfect Dissertation Proposal

For students enrolled in graduate or postgraduate degree programs, one of the most complicated things to do is to prepare a dissertation proposal that can actually help them write in writing the perfect dissertation. Overburdened with assignment work as well as responsibilities of their job... [More]

Social Workers’ Ethical Values

Responsibility refers to the figure of the "vis-à-vis". Freedom and responsibility are very involved and responsibility would be the condition of true freedom and as Victor Hugo said, Anything that increases freedom increases the responsibility. [More]

Nursing Ethics

The Code of Ethics for Nurses is the basis for nurses' ethical practice. The Code provides guidance on the ethical relationships, responsibilities, behaviours and nurses decisions, and should be used in conjunction with not only professional standards but also laws and regulations that shape practice. [More]

Duty of care, therapeutic misconception, and dual role

Clinical trials often involve clinicians and their patients, become participants. This is why researchers and Research and Ethics Boards (REBs) must consider very carefully the three interrelated issues that are the duty of care, the mistake in relation to the therapeutic aspects of clinical trials... [More]

Evidence-based Clinical Practice

In recent years, social scientists foresee the benefits of practice based on evidence. This practice (evidence-based practice) is however not new. It made its debut in medicine there a few decades and the concept of data Evidence has even taken off here in Ontario... [More]