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Formatting Services

Proper formatting and paper presentation are extremely important aspects of an A grade paper. Yet, students of all education levels struggle with learning the complex and confusing formatting styles. Smart Write-ups does not only have expertise in research and writing domain, it also offers standard formatting services to the students.

Expert Formatting team!

Our formatting team is especially trained to follow the extensive guidelines set by colleges and universities that seem daunting to a regular student. They have unmatched skills in following all formatting and citation standards used worldwide.

Give your writing the Professional look!

We understand the importance of proper citation and lay out especially at masters and PhD Level. Many good research papers are rejected because of poor formatting, unprofessional citation and pagination. At times the dissertation committee guidelines are baffling and difficult to follow. Let not your hard work invested in extensive research be wasted by poor formatting. We format your entire paper, right from the title page to references and appendices. We offer you the preliminary and supplementary pages, which are perfectly formatted and internationally accepted.

Let go off the formatting woes!

Let us cite your paper by in-text or footnote citation, and list a variety of sources in correct bibliographic style. Our formatting team is expert at up-to-date formatting styles used worldwide. We can also customise the formatting to suit the specifications provided by your college or university. Our lay out formatting includes:

  • Preliminary Pages
  • TOC
  • Pagination
  • Figures & Tables
  • Headings & Subheadings
  • Bibliography page
  • Appendices
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