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Terms and Conditions

Please acknowledge that Smart Write-ups may change the terms and conditions on its own discretion at any time. Customers are requested to keep reviewing the terms and conditions in case any changes occur.

Order placement

The customer is required to provide clear instructions at the time of order placement. The company will extend great cooperation to make sure that the order comes up to the promised level.

If the instructions are changed after the order placement, the delivery date will be extended according to the complexity of instructions.

Inability of the customer to provide clear guidelines regarding the order may lead to delay in the delivery of the product, the responsibility for which does not lie with the company.

Customers are requested to keep a check on their e-mails, in case any clarity is required.

If the product requires the use of any rare sources or any uncommon topic not readily available to the general public, customer is required to provide material within two hours of the confirmation of payment. Inability to provide the materials may lead to delay in the delivery of the final product.

If the product type does not fall in any category defined in the website, the company can determine the price of the product according to its own discretion.

Revision policy

A revision required under the Free Revision Guarantee will require extra time on the writer’s part, which might lead to delay in the deliver y of the product. This will not be regarded as late delivery under the money back guarantee

A revision request can be entertained within 14 days of the delivery of the product. After a period of 14 days, it shall be assumed that the customer is satisfied with the product.

If the revision is placed on additional requirements and changes, a nominal fee shall be paid by the customer calculated as per the complexity of the instruction. Similarly, if the initial instructions are changed in the revision placement, the order shall be complied with after a payment of additional fee as determined by the complexity of the instruction.

In case of any percentage of plagiarism detected in the product, the company will revise the product. If a customer deducts plagiarism in the complete report, the company agrees to refund the amount of payment proportionate to the percentage of plagiarism deducted.

However, use of standard phrases and formulas, will not be regarded as a case of plagiarism and will be excluded from the plagiarism percentage deducted.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

A refund request needs to be made within four days of the order delivery, through email or customer login panel. After four days, no refund requests shall be entertained by the company.

An order can be cancelled at any time prior to submission. If no writer has been assigned the work, 80% refund shall be made to the customer. However, if the writer has already been assigned to work on the product, 60% refund shall be granted to the customer.

Refund policy is not applicable on discount offers.

Verification of credentials

For verification of the customer’s credentials, a verification procedure is initiated on the part of the company. It may involve confirmation of billing, and order related information over the phone. The verification process will be initiated after two hours of the payment confirmation. In case a customer fails to pass the verification process, two hours after receipt of the payment confirmation, it may lead to delay in the delivery of the product.


Company is not liable for late delivery in case of any technical error or internet problems faced by the customer. However, in case of such an occurrence, the customer representatives will assist the customer in retrieving the paper.

The company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss occurring from the use of product delivered. The customer visits the website solely on his own discretion and responsibility.

Limitation of Liability

The company will keep all the personal shared by the customer strictly confidential.

However, an inquiry by any lawful authority or to trace any fraudulent transactions, the customer information may be required to be disclosed.

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